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The Best & Most Reliable
High Speed Internet Services
in Huntsville Alabama At Lowest Possible Prices!

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You can give us a call anytime, but for fast service, start a quote online by filling out this form. We will call you right when you are ready! No waiting on hold with us.

Why Should You Choose The Internet Neighbor?

For starters, we offer the fastest internet speeds available in the Hunstville, Alabama area. We make sure you have better reliability, quality and the best customer service! We are the Internet Neighbor, and like your actual neighbor (hopefully!), we are there to help you out. In our case, we get you the best rates and options for Internet, TV, Phone and other services.


Our goal is to get you the absolute lowest prices for internet service available to you. You deserve a high-speed internet at a low cost creating a high value. That’s what we promise to work toward!


Great internet service and our fantastic customer service — rated 5 stars on Google, Yelp and other places—gives you a way better value. Our goal is to make sure you are happy!


Although we are based in the Hunstville, Alabama area, we can actually get you the best internet possible wherever you live, nation-wide. Wherever you live, we will take care of you.

Don’t just take our word about Huntsville Internet Service for it!

Check out these reviews and see just how well we can help you get the best internet service, TV, VOIP, mobile phone or even home security and automation service.

I would highly recommend to use this service . Fast , Simple, to the point & customer service and guest satisfaction is Incredible! The gentleman that helped me was caring & concerned about my service!
Kimberly Burton
Kimberly Burton
Daniel was very detailed about his step by step process he would take during his installation. He was very friendly and knowledgeable yet professional.
Winston Barton
Winston Barton
Help me lower my bill and made sure ATT&T followed through. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.
Patricia Leal
Patricia Leal
Excellent service!
Daniel was amazing! Can’t recommend them enough. I did my own research and thought I knew what I wanted but after talking with Daniel I changed my original plan and I’m so glad I did. Super helpful and knowledgeable! Definitely worth a call!
Toni Hurst
Toni Hurst
My internet service is thru T-Mobile because of where I live. When I called Internet Neighbor, Daniel walked me through available options and set me up with T-Mobile for $50 a month just like he told me. Referred a friend to Daniel and she has AT&T fiber. She had called someone else before and they totally messed up and she supposedly had TMobile Internet for 3 months but it never worked and no one would help solve the issue. I had her call Daniel on Friday. They had AT&T fiber out Monday morning. She is all set up and happy. Daniel at Internet Neighbor is excellent to work with, explains what is best in your area and does an honest and true job.
Sis. A Love
Sis. A Love
Mr. Daniel made the process easy and fast! He was very patient and knowledgeable. We appreciate his time and efforts to help our family get what we needed quickly. Definitely recommend going through Daniel for your internet service, as he exceeded our expectations to get things started.
Khristine Grace Custodio
Khristine Grace Custodio
Excellent customer service. Daniel was very helpful. He asked questions to understand what I needed for my internet service, the reason why I wanted to switch providers, rather than offer stuff that I don't actually need. I'm glad I reached out to them coz I'm really happy with my AT&T fiber. Highly recommended!
Jessica Dodson
Jessica Dodson
Daniel was extremely helpful to get internet services working at my new house, he checked in with me several times during my move from Colorado to Alabama and made sure I had everything needed to work from home right away. I would recommend this service, it's fast and half the cost of our old provider!
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With The Internet Neighbor,
You Get Anything You Need.

And Everything You Want!

The Internet Neighbor was built to provide you with the best internet plans, TV services, phone, wireless communications, and home security and automation options available on the market.

We work hard to get you the best internet deals, tv packages and phone plans available, all at a good price. We then work with you to keep that good price year after year.

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You Need Really Fast Internet

Slow Internet is Bad.

Have you been frustrated with your streaming speeds lately? Does it take forever to download songs or movies?
Do you feel like you live in 1995?

Then you need The Internet Neighbor!

  • With decades of experience getting Alabama fast internet we are experts.
  • Honest Comparisons. We find the best deals available to you!
  • Speeds up to and including gigabit fiber.*
    *Limited by area.
  • We educate & help you decide like you were our family!

Talk, Text Data and Business Lines, Too

Unlimited Everything!

Don’t be stuck with your current phone service. You need something that works for you, not the phone company. The Internet Neighbor will connect you with the best wireless plans available, the ultimate home phone line, or a proper business line to keep your business running smoothly. We can even get you VoIP phone service for whatever you need.
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Get All The TV You Want

300+ Channels About Whatever Entertainment You Want.

Long gone are the days when you could only get three channels with bad reception on a bunny ears antenna on the back of your TV. Now you can get nearly unlimited choices from local channels to foreign-language (foreign to English, that is) options, non-stop movies, art house cinema in your home and all the sports channels you could ever watch: football, baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, boxing, racing, lacrosse, cricket and so much more.
Aren’t you excited to watch TV again?
· Cable, Fiber, & Satellite Options
· Local and National Channels
· Easy Set Up & Awesome Customer Service

Secure Your Home.

Then, Make It Smart!

Home Security and Automation Will Make Your Life Easy & Stress-Less
Remember the Jetsons and other science fiction shows? All the gadgets and gizmos and the house that could talk to you, wake you up, and get you dressed in the morning?
Well. That time is now! (Except maybe the “get you dressed” thing, lol!)
Welcome to the new modern world of home security where you can check on your home from your phone. And enjoy Home Automation: set the lights, turn on the music and shut the garage door from your vacation in the Azores, if you want. All you have to do is ask.
man holding cellphone in front of ipad
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The Internet Neighbor

Better Service.
Better Company.
Better Value!

The Internet Neighbor is your friend in the home services world. We know everything about it! We have over 20 years of experience in the industry. And we want you to be happy.

What does this mean to you?

This means that we are out here working every day to find you the internet, entertainment, telecommunications and security & automation solutions you need. We work hard to bring you the price you need for these services and our ultimate goal is to provide you the absolute best service and easiest sales process you’ve ever gone through.

Why The Internet Neighbor?

Because when we treat you like we treat our grandmother or grandfather, we gain loyal customers who come back to us again and again whenever their life situation changes and they need better or different home services.