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The Internet Neighbor has more than internet service for you, we have the best options for home security in Hunstville. We also have great home automation options, too.

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    You Need To Make Your Home Secure and Safe

    We’ve all been there. Whether you need to protect your family, keep valuables safe or just protect your property from damage, you need a security system. These keep thieves away, protect from vandalism and—maybe best of all—give you the peace of mind to sleep well at night.


    Better Security Means Better Sleep


    Protect your home from damage.


    Keep your loved ones safe!


    Check the lights, lock the doors, close the garage. From anywhere.

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    The Internet Neighbor Makes It Easy to Get A Security System

    We have great contacts with security companies that service all over the United States, and especially right here in Alabama. From large national carriers to local businesses, we will find the best deal for you, for your situation and for your place and you take advantage of that. Plus, we keep up-to-date on all the latest in equipment, service offerings and deals so you can always stay secure, but also get a great deal.

    Imagine Having Peace of Mind Again

    The Internet Neighbor make getting peace of mind possible because knowing your home and your family are protected and help is immediately on the way when you need it is priceless. From knowing when glass breaks, to when there is a water leak in your home, we have you covered. If you have an emergency, our systems will call the right people for you automatically! That is real peace and assurance.

    We Are Experts At All Home Services

    The Internet Neighbor has been in the home services industry a long time. We are experts at getting you the best terms, deals and systems on all our service offerings. From home security in Hunstville to TV in Tennessee to Internet in Alabama, we know what you need, have the connections to get it and the customer service chops to make it happen on your terms.

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    I would highly recommend to use this service . Fast , Simple, to the point & customer service and guest satisfaction is Incredible! The gentleman that helped me was caring & concerned about my service!
    Kimberly Burton
    Kimberly Burton
    Daniel was very detailed about his step by step process he would take during his installation. He was very friendly and knowledgeable yet professional.
    Winston Barton
    Winston Barton
    Help me lower my bill and made sure ATT&T followed through. Couldn’t ask for a better experience.
    Patricia Leal
    Patricia Leal
    Excellent service!
    J P
    J P
    Daniel was amazing! Can’t recommend them enough. I did my own research and thought I knew what I wanted but after talking with Daniel I changed my original plan and I’m so glad I did. Super helpful and knowledgeable! Definitely worth a call!
    Toni Hurst
    Toni Hurst
    My internet service is thru T-Mobile because of where I live. When I called Internet Neighbor, Daniel walked me through available options and set me up with T-Mobile for $50 a month just like he told me. Referred a friend to Daniel and she has AT&T fiber. She had called someone else before and they totally messed up and she supposedly had TMobile Internet for 3 months but it never worked and no one would help solve the issue. I had her call Daniel on Friday. They had AT&T fiber out Monday morning. She is all set up and happy. Daniel at Internet Neighbor is excellent to work with, explains what is best in your area and does an honest and true job.
    Sis. A Love
    Sis. A Love
    Mr. Daniel made the process easy and fast! He was very patient and knowledgeable. We appreciate his time and efforts to help our family get what we needed quickly. Definitely recommend going through Daniel for your internet service, as he exceeded our expectations to get things started.
    Khristine Grace Custodio
    Khristine Grace Custodio
    Excellent customer service. Daniel was very helpful. He asked questions to understand what I needed for my internet service, the reason why I wanted to switch providers, rather than offer stuff that I don't actually need. I'm glad I reached out to them coz I'm really happy with my AT&T fiber. Highly recommended!
    Jessica Dodson
    Jessica Dodson
    Daniel was extremely helpful to get internet services working at my new house, he checked in with me several times during my move from Colorado to Alabama and made sure I had everything needed to work from home right away. I would recommend this service, it's fast and half the cost of our old provider!

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    You Can Get Your Home in Huntsville (or wherever) Automated, Too!*


    Arm & disarm the system from anywhere!


    Receive alarm notifications via text or email.


    Get Video of the triggering event!*


    View live video feeds.*


    Look at recent system and sensor activity from anywhere.


    Allow people to bypass the alarm, or rescind their privileges while you are on vacation.


    Get alerts for power outages and restorals.


    See when the system was armed or disarmed and who did it.

    *Some services require specific equipment, access and subscriptions. Not all services available in all areas. Call for details.

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    The Internet Neighbor Is Your Best Choice For Home Security, Too.


    We have decades of experience to draw on.


    We have the best business connections to all the major and minor players in the area.


    We get you the best possible terms and pricing. Sometimes even unpublished deals.


    There is no risk in calling us to find out more.

    Home Security and Home Automation in Alabama Are Better Than Ever!

    There are many reasons to get a home security and automation system (those two are almost one and the same now). Protecting your home and family is the primary reason, and this means detecting burglary, of course. However, a good security system will also identify several other potential threats. This includes smoke & fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even water or freezing damage.

    Here are eight major reasons to get a security system on your home—or business—now.

    1. Protect your valuables

    When someone breaks in, they are looking for anything they can quickly carry off and pawn. From jewelry to TVs you need to protect this stuff. A system deters most burglaries from happening in the first place and calls the cops on the rest.

    2. A good system (and visible) deters crime

    A study by Rutgers University found that the more security systems that were in an area, the less crime there was overall—even for those that didn’t install one. In other words, your whole neighborhood could become a little safer by you getting a system.

    3. Remote access availability
    Modern tech is a wonderful thing, including letting you monitor what’s going on at home, even when you aren’t there..

    4. Home Owner’s rates decrease with an installed system (for most insurance companies)

    For a small fee of monitoring, your system could save you up to 20% on your insurance bill. Not a bad deal at all..

    5. Monitors fire and gas problems, too.

    When you smoke or CO2 monitor goes off, you can get notified. Then you can connect the fire department to your house so they can save it. Even when your on vacation in Hawaii.

    6. Spy on your kids.

    You ever wonder what your kids are doing at home when you aren’t? Well, watch the video feed of the living room (or front door step, or backyard, etc.) to you can know what’s going on at all times at your house. This works great for business systems, too!

    7. Manage electricity and natural gas use better

    From turning off the lights to turning the thermostat down, smart home products can make your life better, save some dough and help the environment all at the same time.

    8. Peace of Mind

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: the sense of security and comfort you gain with an alarm system from the Internet Neighbor is probably the greatest benefit of all. Peace of mind helps you be a more productive, healthy, and focused person or people.