Better, Faster Internet in Huntsville AL and Beyond.

You need great internet these days. You can get it, too. That’s what the Internet Neighbor is for.

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What Do You Want For Your Internet Service?

  • I have a need for SPEED!

    You need gigabit internet, then! Super fast with a ton of bandwidth so the lines don’t get as congested, this internet plan will make sure you can stream, game, watch TV, upload, download and more.
    All at the same time.

  • I want the best deal for a long time.

    We represent all the internet service providers possible in Alabama. Because of this, we also know all the deals each one is offering in any given area at any given time. We make sure you get a great deal now and will call you up when we can get you a better one, later, too. If you want. (Or you can keep hunting them down. But I promise, we have it all.)

  • I need to balance speed with price. I need value. And TV!

    You need The Internet Neighbor, then. We know all the options you can get including TV. We can present each one, with pros and cons and get you the absolute best deal for the money you’ll spend. Just call us to find out. No pressure to buy!

Internet Plans

Starting @ LOW/month

Everyone needs internet these days and there are a lot of providers. In fact, you can dedicate a weekend and find all the deals we can offer you, too. But if you reach out to us, we can do it all in 15 minutes or less.

The Huntsville Internet Service Neighbor is here to make sure you get the absolute best deal possible. We have a ton of options which allow you to get better service at better prices and thus get you better value.


Get More When You Bundle Internet Service & TV, Phone and More

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TV + Internet

Watch all the sports you want, stream Netflix without any limits in Ultra hD and find & record new shows with voice command. It’s all possible with The Internet Neighbor.

Home Security + Internet

Keep your home secure and protected with our bundles to provide internet service and security. We can also automate your home to turn off lights, close the garage door and more.

Remote home control system on a digital tablet.

Phone + Internet

Communication is key, as they say! Phone service is essential in keeping communication open. And not just any phone service. Get wired, or wireless, or VOiP for all purposes.

Commercial Internet Services

Own a business? Then you need our winning services for business including internet, TV and phone options. More bandwidth for more devices and all conveniently here.